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Why Starting With A Niche Matters For Your Brand and SEO

Keeping things niche is a big deal – especially for those who are just starting out. Diversification can happen later – you can write about whatever you want, whenever you want – but just not all at once.

And there are some good reasons for it too.

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers tend to make is that they make their niche too wide – trying to grab everything at once and then struggle to attract long term readers that keep returning to your content.

As a blogger, the purpose of branding is to position yourself as an expert. The more information you have about a particular area, the higher the chances that your reader will trust you.

When you have content that surrounds a particular topic, it also helps Google figure out what you are as a blog – what your content is about, what you represent and what kind people find your content useful.

Because the purpose of Google’s search engine is to be extremely useful – or else no one would use it.

There are over 200+ data points that Google looks at when it comes to SEO. While no one knows for sure that they are and people can only speculate, what we do know is that relevancy is how Google ranks your content.

However, this is not saying that multi-niche sites do badly in the rankings and SEO. Rather, what I’m saying is that you need a decent amount of backlog to build up trust with your readers and provide enough signifiers to Google about what you are.

Content creation is a process and if you’ve got a limited amount of time to get ranked, it’s easier to target your content based on a particular niche than try and diversify.

Once you’ve written everything you can about a particular topic or portion of that niche, you can always expand out into related areas.

Starting with a clear niche also allows you to build a following that’s targetted and more likely to convert if you bring out a product or suggest an affiliate link.

The task of creating content is also easier – because you’re writing on a particular topic, your next articles can be prompted by conclusions and questions raised in the previous article. This linkage can create a wikipedia-like effect, where your readers continue to explore further into your content, resulting in them reading themselves into a rabbit hole.

And Google knows this too.


If you’re logged into your Gmail account or ever used Google, there’s a high chance that there’s a cookie tracking your interactions. Google uses this information to help it determine the usefulness of your blog – and if the user visits it often, there’s a high chance that you’ll come up higher in the ranks the next time they search for you.

Your keyword densities will also flow naturally – for humans and bots alike. You’re not forcing yourself to write around a particular word or topic, but are actually creating them in an organic manner that benefits your readers.

There’s nothing wrong with starting a generalist blog or being multi-niched. However, if you’re just beginning your blogging journey, then it’s good to keep your content focused.

By doing so, you’re also honing your blogging skills – which can also involve photography and finding relevant and high engagement groups and spaces to promote your content.

A diluted niche blog can grow but it may take a bit longer due to the lack of content – which is more a time factor than anything else.

Creating content takes time and if you want accelerated growth through SEO, then starting with a niche is the way to go.

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