Aphinya Dechalert

{connecting} ideas to people

Crafting Words

I am a seasoned creative and copywriter, with more than 500 pieces published across the Internet in places and spaces such as WhiteSource, TabNine, and Layercode.

Crafting Code

I am a software developer by trade, having worked as tech team lead with JavaScript + AWS stacks before my pivot into digital ink and humanistic marketing.

Crafting Experiences

Beyond design are words. Words are the things that connect and communicate to users and customers. I specialize in engineering connections with humans through social marketing and community building.


Copywriter. Marketer. Software Developer.

I’m not your usual cookie-cutter kind of human. I am an eclectic mix of software development experience, community advocate, marketer, SEO engineering, and user experience design with a human edge. I know how to keep the bots and algorithms happy while keeping everything relevant and engaging for real users and customers.

more to come

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