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Ice Breaker - The First Newsletter

Ice Breaker - The First Newsletter
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For the past few years since I've started freelancing, I've put myself up to little challenges. The first one was back in 2019 on Medium and based around the concept of a depth year.

In 2020, it was a year of growing my freelancing gigs. By the time 2021 rolled around, I found myself juggling between self-imposed shift work hours, Covid lockdowns, and everyone staying home due to the slightest hint of the sniffles.

Overall, 2021 has been a hectic and stressful sort of year - and crazier than 2020 as the pandemic settles into a state of new normal. It's easy to get nostalgic and crave for a past that's not going to return to us.

With the final quarter of this year putting us closer to 2022, I find myself reflecting on life and existential questions.

  • What exactly do I want to do?
  • What drives me?
  • What pursuits do I want to take up?
  • And where do I want to go with my career?

As I asked myself these questions, I stumbled on a YouTube short by The Futur called "Finding Your Superpower - What You're Meant To Do".

The video short presented a simple concept - create a matrix that lists your skills, things that makes you happy, your passions and hobbies, and what you can offer up as a service. Mix and match the results to give yourself direction and figure out what you're meant to be doing without feeling drained, depleted, and burned out.

I ended up with the table below. In addition to this, I also highlighted items in each column that are intrinsically driven and enjoy the most - that is, things that I would still continue to do regardless of external motivators or factors.

As a sucker for learning new things, I've decided to create Thought Journal as a space where I document my learning, revelations, and realizations. In a way, it combines almost everything that I've listed in the table above. It is also a way for me to re-take ownership of my life and career path. It's easy to get comfortable when things are going well.  True growth never comes from a place of comfort.

But for now, this is the first newsletter - an ice breaker of sorts to kickstart it all off. Thank you for subscribing and being part of my latest adventure.

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