The truth behind 1000 thread counts

Buying bed sheets is one of those things we all do at some point in our lives. If they are not brought for us, we rock on down to the bedding section ourselves.

The price of bed sheets can vary – from $15 to a ridiculous $859 (the highest I’ve seen). For something so simple, it can also be a complicated task. The fact that a giant sheet of cloth can cost almost a grand and possibly more still amazes my brain and got me thinking — what is it that justifies such a price? Are the threads made out of gold? Is the entire sheet hand woven on a loom? Is it some special organic, fair trade cotton made with specialized NASA backed research breakthrough?

On closer inspection it was none of those things. Rather, it was this thing called ‘thread count’.

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3-Step Process To Transform From A Hoarder to A Minimalist

I’ve always been a hoarder. Growing up, I was influenced by my mother to keep everything that might come in useful one day. From old boxes that were used to carry the groceries once, to old exercise books dating back to my grade school years.

Over the past 5 years since I’ve moved out, I’ve been gently trying to get rid of my hoarding past but it wasn’t much of a success.

In truth, the issue is because I was bringing more into the house than I was taking out.

Recently, we had to move and the new place didn’t have a garage where I could hide my past life choices that hung around in the form of knick-knacks, clothing and an assortment of things in mysterious black bags. The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentally quickly caught up with me and I found myself drowning in my own crap.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been ruthless discarding a majority of my belongings. Some were easy to discard while other things still sit in the corner, awaiting curation.

From this experience, I’ve come to realize that minimalism isn’t just about having 10 items in your wardrobe or only a set of dishes for each family member. Rather, it’s a lifestyle that acknowledges what is essential and gives value to the things that we surround ourselves with.

While there are many guides out there about becoming a minimalist, there isn’t very much content about how to move from being a hoarder to a minimalist.

So that’s why I’ve decided to create this 3-step guide that I’m currently enforcing on myself. So far, it’s working well and might match your situation and needs.

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