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How to start a container vegetable garden

For many city dwellers who may be living in apartments or rental properties, starting a vegetable garden may feel like an impossible idea.

However, if there’s a will, there is always a way.

Container gardening is one way to get around this restriction. It can also make the task of moving a lot easier and less of a sunk cost than starting a raised bed.

Personally, I’m just starting up my container garden again. I used to grow them on my deck back in 2016. When I had my baby, I stopped gardening all together because life got too overwhelming.

However, at our new place, I’ve decided to start up my container gardens again.

Here are some of the lessons learned about starting a container vegetable garden.

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How to Grow Snow Peas

Personally, I love snow peas. I grew up with them when I was in Thailand. It was a staple in my daily dose of vegetables. Over in New Zealand, snow peas can be a bit expensive in the shops and you only get a little bit.

It’s not exactly value for money.

Several years ago, I ventured into growing snow peas in pots on the veranda and they did quite well. The overall investment was about $50 in total and I had a continuous harvest all throughout winter. There were four snow pea plants in each container and I made a tower out of bamboo and string for it to climb. I didn’t really do much research for this and just pushed the seeds into the container and watered it regularly.

This year, I’ve decided to give growing snow peas another shot at our new place. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing some research on growing snow peas (even though I’ve already grown them before) but this time, I want to see if I can increase the yield.

When it comes to sustainability, you don’t have to be sustainable in all areas. In the beginning, you only need to start off with one. For me, my personal goal is to become sustainable in my vegetable consumption and reduce my carbon footprint by growing my own vegetables.

The first thing on the dish is snow peas.

And because I eat quite a bit of vegetables in general, I’m going to need a good and consistent supply. Here are the results of my research.

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