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If you want to get rich, don’t save your money — spend it and spend it well

My parents weren’t the greatest when it came to money. By the time I was 11, they’ve managed to rack up quite mountain of credit card debt. When I was 12, I managed to convince them to get a debt consolidation from the bank and it took them another decade to pay it all off.

From that experience, of constantly wondering if you’re ever going to have enough for rent, utilities and food, I developed a hoarding saver mentality.

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How financially free are you?

Growing up, I was taught the popular version of how money works – you work for it, you use it and you save some of it.

Along the way, student loans got added to the fold, then a credit card.

While my personal debt is not as big as a lot of other people out there, it is still a significant enough amount that’s been following me around for the past 8 years. In truth, most of my debt was in my student loan balance. Somehow, I managed to rack up a $48k debt for my degree.

I went to University without actually understanding the long term ramifications on my personal finances.

I went to University because I was expected to.

I went because I wasn’t told there was an alternative choice.

I borrowed a ton of money to make it happen.

But that’s all done now.

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