If you haven’t read ‘The Alchemist’ – you really need to check it out

The Alchemist is a funny little book. First published in 1988, set in a time before technology is a thing and magic is as real as your teapot, The Alchemist is a tale of two parts self discovery motivation and one part narrative.

It’s not hard to pinpoint what Paulo Coelho is trying to convey and The Alchemist reads like an extended fable – akin to Arabian Nights but as a continuous story that narrates over the life and times of a shepard that had a dream, following his life, distractions, hope and mistakes.

Over the past few years, I’ve picked up my copy of The Alchemist and re-read it – mostly during times of personal chaos. It’s helped me re-calibrate my life and re-focus me on what’s truly important in life.

To me, it’s a story about not falling into a comfort trap at the expense of a deeper sense of happiness and fulfilling one’s potential – something which continues to apply in a timeless manner and our rat race style of living. It’s easy for us to accept our reality as is rather than endure the pursuit of something greater.

The Alchemist is a book about dreams and the journey of chasing that dream. If you are on a journey towards something that’s larger than life, this book can offer a pick-me-up kind of motivation, especially when things aren’t going along as planned. It’s a good little side stepping book that can be read in one sitting and provide your brain with a much needed break.

It’s the type of book that you can read over and over again – and with turn of the page, you’ll get something different out of it.

If you want a copy,

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