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Hi there. My name is Aphinya - a software developer by trade, technical writer by design, digital marketer, and editor by freelancing experience. In short, I'm a melting pot of knowledge, skills, and ideas that people like to use as growth leverage for their businesses.

In addition to my daily doses of coding, I've written for places like Tabnine, BuiltIn, SecureCoding, Triplebyte, SRG Software, Honeypot, DZone, and Currently, I'm a dev community advocate and editor at

That's basically a quick dive into what I do professionally.

On the side, I also run Dotted Squirrel and cross-post to Medium.

So where does Thought Journal fit in?

Personally, I love exploring the things that drive us as humans - how our environment and society influence our behavior, choices, sense of self, work, love, and life. I'm also a sucker for productivity, optimization, and how to be better.

The stuff on the internet I've encountered is mostly polluted with shallow listicles regurgitating the same things over and over again.

Thought Journal is an exploration into our world, its systems, how we interact with it, and the things that drive us. It is also a reflection journal for the journey known as life - documenting my personal experiences, ideas, revelations, and realizations.

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-- Aphinya

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